sunshine, shadows, ice-fogged trees

Priceless: the value of a good view.

Bright sun in partly cloudy winter sky shining over snowy trees and ground.
Fairbanks, Alaska

A good view changes us-our perspective, our mood, our health and hearts. That’s the power of mia kali thea-a good view creates good change.

I learned the concept of mia kali thea (link to the “about the name”) when I lived in Greece for a couple of years. When discussing a restaurant or hotel or home or coffee shop, my Greek friends would ask: is there a good view? Did you have a good view? It was a tangible and common conversation point.

As it’s a basic Greek concept, here are the “5 Ws” of mia kali thea according to my friends:

The who, what and where and when of a good view (a very abridged list!):

  • a cup of coffee with friends
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • A good book
  • Travel
  • good food
  • Something that can change with the season or mood

How does mia kali thea change you and why is it important (another short list)?

  • it gives hope
  • it calms and lifts hearts
  • it creates good emotions
  • it helps me travel in my imagination

What can we learn from this?

Bright sun shining on sunflower field, Platamonas, Greece
Sunflower field, Platamonas, Greece

As you see, mia kali thea is varied: it’s big, it’s little, it’s seasonal, it’s grand and not so grand, it can be shared and it can be a solitary appreciation, it’s found at home or afield.

A good view is good for us; we can feel the change in ourselves and even those around us. It’s readily available but it does require a stop or slowing (at the very least!) to catch it and recognize it’s value.

A good view can feel amorphous and intangible but it has been studied and quantified. Patients heal faster and workers’ moods improve when they have a good view. Researchers studying the concept of “awe” and associated positive emotions (e.g. from faith, viewing nature or art, listening to good music) show that we can lower our body’s inflammatory responses, we become more generous and socially conscious, we feel like we have more time, that our regular experience of awe is an incredible predictor of and is essential for good health. Here’s a good article on how to add more awe to your life.

In short, a good view is good medicine! It’s powerful and priceless, isn’t it?

Of course the Greeks have lived this idea for years and they look for a good view wherever and whenever it comes. I believe it’s one of the many reasons they are so open and generous. I thank them for sharing this concept with me; because of them my heart grew exponentially while I was there. It took me a long time to slow down enough to understand; perhaps that’s why we talked about it so much! Though I’m still learning, it’s lodged in my heart and driving my creative process.

Everyone needs hope and a heart lift.

Everyone needs a change in perspective, a moment to see something new, a bit of serendipity.

Everyone needs mia kali thea-a good view.

There is power in the mission of Mia Kali Thea; for those who need a new view, we can help exchange a sad view for a good view (link to about the org).

red poppy flowers, droopy poppy buds
Red poppies & heavy poppy pods

Today, where will you find the priceless power of mia kali thea?

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