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Riding the Rails to Røros

Riding the Rails to Røros, Norway

New routes to new lessons to a good view (“mia kali thea”)

I rode the early train from Trondheim to Røros Mining Town excited to see this UNESCO designated site. Because the sun rises late this time of year, I dozed for part of the 2.5 hour ride succumbing to the easy sedative of a comfortable seat, dimmed lights and the smoothly rocking train –a trifecta for a tired traveler! Røros was a copper mining town for 333 years until 1977 and many of the original wooden buildings still stand-some in their now-blackened state and many now painted in beautiful colors which bring a warmth to the harsh climate.
Wooden buildings, church, street scene, Røros, Norway
Street scene, Røros, Norway

Two days earlier at the National Gallery in Oslo, I had seen some paintings of Røros by Norwegian artist Harald  Oskar Sohlberg showing some of the wooden buildings and the Røros church. His artwork along with enthusiastic recommendations from locals provided the motivation to visit.

We arrived just after 8 AM-still before sunrise-and, bundled up and ready to explore, I disembarked into the -16C/3F morning, spotted the church and headed up a hill to try to see sunrise from that area. Walking uphill in the sharp cold is a great way to wake up and get the blood moving! I found a trail through the churchyard and watched the sun peak over the mountain and the town-every sunrise is always a treat! The day was going to be clear and bright.
snowy churchyard with church and sunrise
Sunrise in Røros, Norway
Cappuccino cup, candles, tulips, Trygstad Bakeri, Røros, Norway
Cappuccino, hygge, Trygstad Bakeri, Røros, Norway

Now what to do? I had less than 8 hours to explore the town and I wanted to wander the streets and visit the mining museum. I walked around for another hour or so until I recognized that I needed to get warm inside somewhere. I found the visitor’s center which had all the facilities and friendly advice I needed. They recommended Trygstad bakery for a refreshing historic option as it’s one of the oldest bakeries in Norway. I enjoyed my cappuccino and people watching for a delightful hour ending the time with a chat with a local resident about the area and a couple more recommendations of what to see.

View of the Røros, Norway city hall from an alley lined with red wood buildings.

City Hall, Røros, NorwayI set out again to wander the old town and at the end of one alley, I stopped to take a picture of a building and I heard a voice from behind tell me it was the city hall building. After a few minutes of conversation, it turns out that my “tour guide” is none other than the mayor of Røros, Mr. Hans Vintervold, who has held the office for several terms and who clearly enjoys serving the community. I love this kind of serendipitous meeting! The city was preparing for a big dogsled race the next day and then for the very large crowds of the winter market that weekend. It would have been fun to see those events but I feel I got a more personal look at the town on this day before all the festivities.


Thermometer reading -16C in Thermometer, Røros, Norway
It’s cold in Røros, Norway!

I pressed on through the old town, across the river and to the old smelting building which is now the museum. What a wonderful museum! I used the audio tour as my guide through the intricate dioramas.

Time flies and I still had more to see more in town so I prioritized exploration and photography over stopping for lunch. I did buy a Trygstad sandwich to eat on the train ride back to Trondheim though-a delayed delicious gratification to go along with the beautiful scenery out the window.

Trygstad Bakeri veggie sandwich for the train, Røros, Norway
Trygstad Bakeri veggie sandwich for the train, Røros, Norway

 Where did I find Mia Kali Thea that day?

‘so many specific views during the day but I like the view of planning another visit to Røros!

Red buildings and trees flying by on the train ride back to Trondheim.
Scenery from the train, Røros to Trondheim, Norway
Red window frame, ochre building, rusty brace on building in Røros, Norway
Window detail, Røros, Norway
Scenes on the train ride from Scenery from the train from Røros to Trondheim, Norway
Scenery from the train, Norway

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