Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have others, feel free to reach out.

We will change the featured gallery whenever we have curated another set of images to bring you mia kali thea–perhaps every quarter or so.

Yes! Most of the other images used on the site (in a blog post, slideshows) are available for sale.

Yes! Please contact us and let’s see what’s possible!

Not so often: whenever we post new field notes or change the featured gallery or have a fundraising need. You will probably hear from us about once per quarter or so.

We are always happy to hear from you whenever!

Melinda has used many cameras over the years (Canon and Nikon). She is currently shooting with the Fuji XT-1, Fuji x100T and the iPhone14.

Yes, all images are copyrighted.

If you’d like to use our images on your website or blog, [lease contact us for licensing any of the images for use. You are welcome to reference Mia Kali Thea in your posts or social media.

For now, yes. As we grow, we will look at adding other areas in need of a good view. We are currently happy with the mission of these organizations and how they intersect with Mia Kali Thea’s ethos of bringing a good view to everyone.