Hi! I’m Melinda, founder and photographer for Mia Kali Thea.

melinda-graper-photographerMia Kali Thea is the result of my love for sharing my images and giving to philanthropic causes.

There is power in a good view and I believe everyone needs one; looking for and finding a good view has changed my life and mia kali thea can change yours too!

I learned the concept of mia kali thea¬†when I lived in Greece. When discussing a restaurant, hotel, home or cafe, Greek friends would often ask: is there a good view? Did you have a good view? These views didn’t have to be a big ocean sunset but simply enjoying the person sipping coffee with you or watching people walking by.

It took me a time to slow down and understand. Slowly, I came to appreciate what a view can do: it opens our hearts to a new perspective–a bit of serendipity.

My Greek friends have lived this idea for years and I believe it’s one of the many reasons they are so open and generous. I thank them for sharing this heart-opening concept with me. I am still learning.